Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Kundalini And Chakra?

Before deciding for these transforming journeys please have a look at these questions to be clearer about your perspective. These questions will also give you an understanding of our offering, sharing, and limitations.

What Are Kundalini And Chakra?

In ancient yoga, kundalini is termed as a hidden potential energy within us which remains latent till we awaken it by some processes or by the grace.

Kundalini has been symbolized by the ancient sages and Rishis like a coiled Serpent at the base of our spine which represents once this energy gets awaken by some methods it can flow upwards crossing the junctions known as chakras increasing our awareness and consciousness not just for our inner dimension as well as outer and materialistic dimension of life in form of more energetic and productive but with inner calmness.

What is Mantrosparsh?

This is a Himalayan yogic practice where a mantra is initiated with a gentle touch on chakras. It’s a Himalayan kriya used by ancient saints and sages. Dr. Harsh who has taken the tours of the Himalayas to know the mystery of special worships (sadhanas) and saints make it possible for the mankind for the good of society.

What is Ayurveda Purification?

Ayurveda is an ancient science of healing which focuses on the harmony of body mind and consciousness while practicing yoga one is trying to synchronize himself with the cosmos and a new perception in all aspects of life can be attained which is indescribable with words but a blissful experience

At this time it is essential that the microchannels of the body are purified for the free flow of Prana in the system Ayurvedic purification therapy are ancient authentic and scientific process to cleanse the body and mind.