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Specefic Sadhna In the olden times the saints with the help of mantra, tantra, yantra, sadhna and yagya were able to achieve or conquer anything which was impossible. The advancement in science has somehow resulted in disappearance of these ancient systems. Today those ancient sciences have been declared as superstitious and the common man tends to avoid this. The advent of modern science has made our life extremely bury full of tensions and we live in a world of jealousy greed anger and suspicion all this has resulted into a maze of disorders like diabetes hypertension anxiety neurosis etc.

The common man is again beginning to develop interest in old natural therapies. a lot of people are turning towards the age old remedies the control over mind and strong will power can lead us into a path of the science of sages .even today the saints of Himalayas and their way of life can lead us to a happy and prosperous life.