Yoga Meditation and Spiritual Teacher Training Course Rishikesh

Yoga Meditation and Spiritual Teacher Training Course Rishikesh

"Don’t forget - You’re Human, Too!"

The RISHIKESH AYURVEDA’s Yoga Meditation and Spiritual Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh is a 10 days, 100 hours program. This is not a vacation; it’s a learning where you can find the deeper meaning of your life.

Crazy. Busy. Turbulent. Fast-paced. Chaotic. The world we live and work in is increasingly hectic each and every day, Social Media. Offices. Meetings. Family. Friends. It’s most important for us to pause and connect to that deeper meaning in our everyday life from the crazy environments that prevail around us.

Many people believe that to give meaning to life requires a pilgrimage to a desolate part of the world, working with indigenous tribes and being of service. But the truth is that we can give meaning to our lives through our own power. We already have the power to create meaning and purpose in our life to define what is important to us. You need to find a meaning in whatever you do for self-empowerment and true emotional connection. It’s a dynamic relaxation which will release your ego self-doubt anger and other negative emotions which are hindering to know ourselves as we are.

Once you realize your true being you naturally become the source of the universe for transformation. We don’t want you just to be a teacher we want you to be a source. As a source of transformation everything in the materialistic world bound to be in abundance as we have a clear understanding and profound experience of the spiritual world.

This 100 hours program is a unique opportunity to explore the hidden energy within you with the help of ancient science of Ayurveda and Yoga. 10 days 100 hours Kundalini Yoga and Mantrosparsh initiation with Ayurveda purification treatments.

What Are The Benefits Of Yoga Teacher Training Course from Rishikesh:

  • More awareness with presence.
  • More efficient in your work.
  • Harmony in relationship
  • Knee-to-Arm Chaturanga
  • A little change in life style and you are bursting with energy.
  • A deeper experience of life to feel always alive.
  • Bliss full and happy even in stressful conditions of life.
  • Less worried about future and not sad about past.
  • Will learn 5000 years old science of healing Ayurveda diet lifestyle.
  • The yogic practices according to your body type and situations in the life.
  • Can work as a life style consultant of Ayurveda yoga meditation and chakras.
  • Certificate from RISHIKESH AYURVEDA foundation.

Why You Should Choose RISHIKESH AYURVEDA Teacher Training Course:

This course is a unique opportunity as it covers Ayurveda yoga and kundalini all the aspects required to explore and awaken your hidden potential in all aspects of life. You have your own experience to spread the awareness to raise the human consciousness to establish a world full of peace and unconditional love.

What You Can Provide To Yourself And Society After This Programme:

You can continue the practices to go deeper as well as you can share and teach these authentic sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga to the community.

Is This A Teacher Training Programme?

It’s different from teacher training programme we want you must get a glimpse of which is beyond body and mind once you get this glimpse it’s just not the knowledge then it’s the wisdom.

And your wisdom is not to teach it’s to share of course you can teach but it more transfers and we want you must turn into a powerful transmitter so that whoever comes in contact with you must feel a shaking energy or a drop of that ocean from where everything comes out. So you can be a teacher and transmitter both. You will be able to teach share and transmit Ayurveda yoga kundalini kriyas as well as some mystical practices which are coming from guru Parampara.

Will You Be Qualified To Teach RISHIKESH AYURVEDA Teacher Training Course After The Completion Of The Training?

Yes you will be a qualified teacher after completing the training to impart RISHIKESH AYURVEDA teachings anywhere in the world although teachers are liable to find out the legal rules about teachings in their own country.

Do I Need To Follow Any Rules And Regulations?

VTTC students are supposed to follow the ethics which can promote mutual understanding caring and loving attitude with flexibility. Knowing each other is very important but we prefer it quietly so that we can retain the ambiance of the ashram to be more focused on inner growth. Having Non-vegetarian food, Alcohol, Smoking, and Drugs are strictly prohibited.

How Many Attendances Are Required To Obtain The Certificate?

Ideally 100% except in some emergency conditions like illness at least 90% the school can co-operate to the students for some extra classes if needed although it depends upon the availability of teachers and necessary resources.

What Will Be The Exams Policy?

There will be total two examinations one in the middle of training and the other at the end of the training. Exams will be focused on viva and practical demonstration no marks will be given during examination as it is not a competitive school but suggestions will be offered in a gentle way to improve the skills.

How Will I Know If I Have Been Selected In The VTTC?

First, you have to submit the application with required deposit after submitting your application school may ask further questions but within two weeks you will get the answer to your application. If you are not accepted total deposit will be refunded.

Are Booklets And Materials Included In The Price Of The VTTC?

Yes. All materials and books will be provided.

Where Will The VTTC Be Held?

The VTTC will be held at the Rishikesh Ayurveda foundation near Rishikesh in India in some emergency case the school has the right to change the venue.

Does The Price Of The VTTC Include Accommodation And Meals?

The Price includes three vegetarian meals a day and accommodation.

What Kind Of Accommodation Is Available?

This price includes non-AC accommodation on twin sharing basis if you want personnel accommodation or ac services you can contact before and it can be provided with extra charge.

What Is The Refund Policy?

There is no refund but in some cases, the school can take the decision to give a chance to accept the application in the future program.

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