Panchkarma Treatment & Ayurvedic Herbal Treatments

Panchkarma Treatment


Provides shodhan eradication of the basic cause of disease, aims at expulsion of disease causing toxins (ama) and replenishes the tissue giving strength to body. According to ancient science of healing ayurveda ,imbalance of dosha (vata, pitta, kapha) is the cause of disease. As per individual constitution the panchkarma process brings the balance between doshas and makes mind and body pure with increased immunity.

The old scripture charak samhita (near about 5000 year old litrature about ayurveda) mentioned following benefits of panchkarma

1. Remission of disease perpetuation of good health
2. Rejuvenating impact by process of ageing being slowed down
3. Clear mind which improves the function of sense organs mind and intellect
4. Improved complexion
5. Improved vigor and vitality
6. Improved gastric fire for better digestion and metabolism
7. Improved focus, concentration and efficiency of body and mind


  • 3 DAYS @ 300 EURO
  • 5 DAYS @ 475 EURO
  • 7 DAYS @ 650 EURO

This price Includes 1 consultation, accommodation, food, 60 minutes therapy and everyday 1 hour yoga session

Ayurveda consultation

Consultation is provided by an experienced ayurveda doctor who determines your prakruti (body type) diet chart, practices, herbal medicine and therapies related guidance is provided.

Duration: 60 minutes



Duration: 60 minutes


Warmed herbal oil /takra/milk is poured in an even stream onto third eye or forehead

Benefits: rejuvenating memory enhancing, relaxes mind revitalise mind and body removes anxiety, stress, good for hair ,head ache and fatigue

Duration: 45 minutes 

Udwartan (Herbal Powder Massage)

After a full body massage with dosha specific oil herbal powder massage is done with deep exfoliation. 

Benefits: good for kapha, reducing weight, improves blood circulation, removes dead cells

Duration: 60 minutes

Ubtan Abhyanga Herbal (Paste Massage)

Herbal mustard paste with some special herbs in an ayurvedic way is applied all over the body.

Benefits: Beautiful Skin, Refresh Body Tissue

Duration: 60 minutes

Sugandh Abhyangam (Massage With Aromatic Oils)

Herbal aroma essential oil massage according to dosha on full body. Refreshes body mind and soul Pind swedana (herbal bundle massage). Following a herbal oil massage special bundle of herbs is massaged gently all over the body. Good for aggravated vata ,muscular and joint pain.

Duration: 60 Minutes

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Chakra Abhyanga (Chaka Massage)

Calming treatment uses the flow of herbal oilsover the chakra with little vibrations whilst incorporating a special chakra massage. Good for chakra balancing and flow of energy among chakras.

Head shoulder and back

Special herbal oil is massaged over the specific area. Good to relax removes pain tenderness ,stiffness from that specific part.


Whole body oil bath. A rejuvenating treatment during which warmed herbal oil is poured all over the body with light and rhythmic massage without exerting much pressure. Very good for vata people soften body tissues strengthens immunity relaxation

Akshi Tarpan Netra Basti (Eye Treatment)

Medicated ghee is retained ion the eyes with the help of some grain paste reservoir. Good for cooling effect on stressed eyes. Improves eyesight good for computer users removes dark circles.

Kati Basti

Retaining herbal oil or decotion on back. Special herbal oil is retained on the back for specific time with optimal temperature. Good for back lumbar sciatica and spinal pain.

Shashti Shali Massage (Milk Rice Herbal Massage)

Specialized herbs and cooked rice are combined in poultice and massaged with milk all over the body. Nourishes body tissue. Moists and increases glow of skin. Good for vata/pitta

Relaxation Package

1. Abhyanga + shirodhara + steam
2. Herbal package
3. Abhyanga + shirodhara +steam + 1 month herbal medicine supply
4. Panchendriya package
5. Abhyanga + netra basti+nasyam+karna pooran+kawala
6. Basic ayurveda & yoga training
7. With ashram living, accommodation & meals daily theory & practical classes by expert ayurvedic doctors & yogacharyas & ayurvedic treatment

Vardan ayurved nilayam a pioneer home is an expansion of traditional ayurvedic family in the auspicious guidance of dr. Harsh agarwal who has done his five and half year graduation degree course of ayurveda from gurukul, haridwar, a famous institute of india.

Rishikesh, Himalayas

Named after the god hrishikesh whose appearance is an answer to the lord penances by rabhiya rishi. It is a place filled with different specialist for different people, makes the city as a valuable place to our culture and the world capital of yoga.

Apart from the sanctity of the place it is a heaven for trekkers and adventures to start their treks to mighty himalayas or to try river rafting. Rishikesh the only gateway to char dham yatra badrinath, kedarnath, gangotri and yamunotri. This is the only place where holy gangas enters into sprawling plains of north india.

Approx 235 kms of delhi located in the northern part of uttar pradesh is just at half an hour drive from haridwar where we can see the confluence of chandrabhega stream. Almost at an height of 360 meters above sea level surrounded by mountains on all the three sides is an example of creativity by mother nature.

Rishikesh encompasses all the aspects of commercial and communication hub, places like muni-ki-reti, sivananda nagar the temple side of lakshman jhula and number of different ashrams.

Vardan Ayurveda Nilayam

Ganga Residency, (Near Anand Prakash Yog Ashram) Tapovan Rishikesh- 249201
Uttarakhand Himalayas (India),
Dr. Harsh agarwal (B.A.M.S)
Mob : +91-9837894227
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