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Duration 60 minutes

The online consultation is a Window of Opportunity, We strive to provide to our esteemed clients in order for them to understand the ancient wisdom of life by creating the optimum balance amongst the troika of the very existence of Human Race – the Body, Mind and Spirit. During the consultation sessions, you will be traversing through the ancient, yet contemporary simple tools to feel healthy and contended not only just with a body but also from within by transforming your energy in the most efficient, powerful and productive way.

One can boost his immunity by adopting these great Ayurvedic recommendations as, any bacteria, viruses or infection attack our system due to an imbalance of the energies flowing in the body and mind. The ancient scientists were aware of this fact that if your systems are balanced and working well according to the nature of your body and mind, you can easily beat these harmful organisms by increasing your immunity and resistance power. There are several ways to do that e.g. working with your body with a proper diet, making positive lifestyle changes in your daily routine, consuming beneficial herbs and spices. For mind, exhibiting rich comforting emotions emanating from positive thoughts and intellect, breathing exercises etc. And Last, but not the least, For the spirit, the Yoga union of oneself with all the universe with unconditional love. Let us explore this further and see, what will be offered during our consultation sessions.


What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda Yoga

Ayurveda is an ancient science of healing the Body, Mind and the spirit. The principles of this healing science are eternal and traditional, yet scientific and contemporary. Ayurveda literally means the science of life. So, all the aspects of life are covered and mentioned in this healing science. Our life is not just about physical and mental health, but it covers all the dimensions like emotional, psychological, economical, relational, social and spiritual aspects as well.

The science of Ayurveda is based on five elemental, tri-doshic (three subtle energies i.e. Vata, Kapha & Pitta, which flow through the human body) principles and works on balancing the system rather than just treating the symptoms. The key focus of the treatment in Ayurveda is highly individualized e.g. the same food or medicine for one can work wonders for one person, whereas for the other person, it could yield no benefit whatsoever. That’s why it important to consult the Ayurveda physician, Who really knows the basic fabric of this Ancient healing science and could help his / her patients to yield the desired results.


How does it work?

According to Ayurveda, the universe is nothing, but an interplay of these five basic elements and the body and mind function with the three systematic energies known as Doshas. These systematic energies are called Vata Pitta and Kapha. If we manage to reach a balance in these three energies by adopting a recommended diet, lifestyle, yogic practices and meditation, the transformational output will provide a much better experience of life and health.


1. Know Your Doctor (Healer) – Ayurvedacharya Dr Harsh Agarwal (ojav)

Dr. Harsh Aggarwal

Read More about Dr Harsh


In order to make the Ayurveda line of treatment effective, One must know his Prakriti (Constitution), which is explained below –


2. Prakriti

As per Ayurvedic principles, everyone is unique. Thus, it makes a lot of sense for one to spend some time and realize that Mother Nature has not made us like Robots i.e. a replica of the pre-defined design and composition. The Supreme power of nature is so creative that it creates every entity in a unique manner. For example, even the twin siblings having closest of resemblances between them also have few differences to make them unique in their own individual ways. Also, the Bio-metric scans or Fingerprints of two persons can never match in the universe. This uniqueness in Ayurveda is known as Prakriti. Based on predominant energies at the time of conception, the Prakriti of the person is decided. The Prakriti of an individual can reflect in his behaviour choices, personality as well as the probability of the imbalances and diseases, one could catch up later on. In the consultation, the primary focus is to identify and establish one’s Prakriti and Vikriti i.e. balances and imbalances.

prakrati ayurveda


3. Diet

The food plays a very significant role to nourish our body and mind. Ayurvedic science talks about various aspects of food and how it affects the Prakriti and doshas of an individual. After establishing the imbalanced doshic energy, specific and customized dietary recommendations are sent.

yogic diet


4. Lifestyle

Lifestyle in Ayurveda is based on Dincharya (daily routine regimen) and Ritucharya (seasonal regimen). Both daily and seasonal guidelines will be offered based on the imbalances of the individuals.



5. Yogic practices

Yoga and Ayurveda are the two sciences, which go hand-in-hand and can’t really be separated. They are complementary to each other. It is also recommended that an ayurvedic physician must also have the knowledge of yoga as well. The yoga in today’s world is being offered without understanding the basic constitution or nature of the person. The same type of food is not good for everyone, Similarly, the same is true for yoga. Yoga must be practised according to the imbalances or constitution of an individual. Yoga can offer the benefits of prevention, promotion as well as therapy. It will be done continuously with long-term commitment and essentially according to body-mind types. Simple scientific and effective short yoga practices will be recommended as per the imbalances of the individual clients.

yogic practice


6. Meditation

It used to be said that you are in meditation when you are not in act physically and mentally. There is no special technique, which we can specifically address as meditation. In other words, All the techniques are just a tool to be in meditation. These techniques can be more efficacious if chosen according to the nature and imbalances of person. Most of the time just. 20 minutes of meditation practice can bring a deep relaxation in the system and can help to beat the imbalances from deep within.



7. Mantra

Contrary to popular belief, Mantra, which used to be attributed as a religious action, is actual the advancement of the science of connecting with the eternal e.g. we all must have heard about how certain sounds can help to fast-track the healing process. Recommendation of ancient Vedic mantras or specific sound will be recommended to heal the body, mind and consciousness.



8. Aroma

Aromatherapy can alter the mood and pulse instantly as it works directly to the lower brain bypassing the information from Neo-cortex where all the reasoning takes place in mind. Aroma has a wonderful effect on doshas and thus creates a very fine balance in the system easily and instantly. Aromatherapy in various forms will be recommended as per the demand of the body based upon the doshas and constitution.



9. Home remedies

Herbs and spices are like medicines and your kitchen is a pharmacy. I’m sure every one of us must have heard about How our forefathers used to stay healthy and never used to visit the doctors ever. They used to mostly treat themselves through Home Remedies e.g. Taking Mulaithi to cure bouts of Cold & Cough used to be a sure-shot way. it is true that if we understand how we can use these home remedies like medicines in a certain combination and formulation, it could easily minimize most of our visits to the Doctors for these common as well as complex ailments as well. Simple home remedies will be recommended as per dosha to create the harmonic balance and for symptomatic relief as well.


10. Chakra and Marma balancing

Chakras are like mini-brain or energy centres although there are around 114 chakras in the body responsible for the systematic flow of energy in the body. The special benefit of Chakra balancing and Marma stimulation is it has a long last effect on health. The changes in energy body is always desirable for a healthy body and mind the specific techniques to balance Chakra and stimulation of Marma will be advised during a detailed consultation.

Chakra and Marma balancing - Chakras


11. Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine

Ayurvedic and herbal medicines are well described in ancient old age scriptures with their qualities. Today a lot of scientific experiments on these herbs show the efficacy as mentioned in the ancient literature. These are all-natural plants based medicines having great efficacy with no side effects at all. As per the disease or rejuvenative and detox purposes, the customized herbal medicines can be prepared and sent individually with usage instructions for maximum benefits.

Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicine


12. Panchkarma

Panchkarma is a detoxification process which comes under the Shodhan Chikitsa (Purification Therapy). Most of the chronic diseases are the outcome of vitiated doshas. These doshas have a certain main location in the body and due to many factors like diet, lifestyle, genetic factors, environment etc, the imbalance might occur. These imbalances or doshas can leave their sites and give rise to disease. We can expel out these vitiated doshas. Although it’s a clinical process, However, due to current COVID-19 lock-down situation, We can remotely guide you by making you follow some home and seasonal regimen that can beautiful work like a Sookshma (Mini) Panchkarma.



Terms and Condition

Although Its always our earnest effort to make this consultation session detailed, easy to understand and to the drive the maximum satisfaction of the client with a clear intention to heal. However, Here are some suggestions and condition to read before you book a consultation session with us –

This consultation is just a health and wellness consultation not intended to diagnose treat and cure any life-threatening disease.

We strongly suggest you verify the advice mentioned during the consultation with your doctor. Under no condition, whatsoever, we would be responsible for any untoward health incident that may occur by not following our advice properly as per the instructions.

If you have any doubt about our advice, please get it clarified during the Consultation session before following it.

Our advice is just a suggestion, which shouldn’t be mixed as the doctor prescription. Please don’t consider it as a substitute with direct consultation with your doctor.

As a policy matter, We highly discourage our clients to make calls over the phone. A better alternative for them is to connect with us through Whatsapp or Email.

If You’re experiencing any emergency Health situation/incident, you are advised to follow the emergency procedure and follow recommended Government Guidelines.

The consultation fee is valid for a week from the starting date to get an appointment. You’re advised to re-book for follow up consultation with your previous registration number

We strictly follow no refund policies in case of disruption happens during the consultation due to force majeure / any other reasons within/without our control.

Due to any technical glitches/issues, the remaining time of the consultation will be provided as per the free slot availability and under no circumstances would form the basis for refunds.



Merci Dr Harsh!

Il y a 10 ans, je voyageais en Inde pour la première fois. La vie a mené mes pas jusque chez le Dr. Harsh Agrawal et suite à une première consultation, je me suis rapidement passionné pour l’Ayurvéda. Il a été très attentif et a su me donner un traitement facile et efficace. Mais le plus important, il m’a permis de comprendre que les maladies sont des états temporaires dont on peut comprendre l’origine afin d’apporter les correctifs permettant à la santé de se manifester. Depuis toutes ces années, ma santé ne cesse de s’améliorer et si maintenant je vois le Dr. Agrawal comme un ami.
Je suis retournée plusieurs fois en Inde et ai été témoin de plusieurs histoires à succès où je voyais des gens de toutes les origines trouver un traitement. Simplement de comprendre ce qui provoque les troubles est un véritable soulagement dans de nombreux cas! Des problèmes de santé dont la médecine allopathique ne se soucies pas. La majorité des « médecins » se contentent de « soigner » à coups de pilules qui ne regèlent soulagent les symptômes sans se soucier des causes et origines. Aujourd’hui, je suis fière de dire que je suis responsable de ma santé et je remercie le Dr. Harsh et son épouse Aru, qui sont toujours présents pour répondre à nos questions et nous guider! – Brigitte Robert, Canada


Thank you, Dr Harsh!

10 years ago, I travelled to India for the first time. Life led me to Dr Harsh Agrawal and after an initial consultation, I quickly became passionate about Ayurveda. He was very attentive and knew how to give me an easy and effective treatment. But most importantly, it allowed me to understand that illnesses are temporary states of which we can understand the origin in order to make the corrective measures allowing health to manifest. For all these years, my health has been improving and so now I see Dr Agrawal as a friend.

I have returned to India several times and witnessed several success stories where I saw people of all backgrounds finding treatment. Simply understanding what causes the troubles is a real relief in many cases! Health problems that allopathic medicine doesn’t care about. The majority of “doctors” are content to “cure” with pills that do not freeze relieve symptoms without worrying about the causes and origins. Today, I am proud to say that I am responsible for my health and I thank Dr Harsh and his wife Aru, who are always there to answer our questions and guide us! – Brigitte Robert, Canada