OJAV Program

MODULE 3- Ayurveda diet lifestyle & spiritual healer

Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Contemporary Science

DATE: 21 June 2021 to 26 June 2021 – Weekdays Course

(Weekend Course is also available)

Time: 07.00 pm to 08.30 pm (India Standard Time) – Daily 90 Mins

Fee: 150 USD Per Person

Platform: Live On Zoom


ayurveda spiritual healer

Ojav, deriving from the word Ojus, has been mentioned in Ayurvedic physiology and means “the essence of all tissues and systems of body and mind.” The Ojav Program has been created to spread the knowledge and essence of these ancient healing sciences so that they can be applied in our times.

Ayurveda and Yoga have been used as healing sciences with preventive and therapeutic aspects for more than 5000 years. These sciences are based on the principles that the human being is not just a physical body, and health is not just the absence of disease. Health is a dynamic and complete harmony between body, mind, spirit, and sense organs. Today, we need a healthy world in every dimension, not just a physically healthy body.


We welcome you to join us for authentic, scientific, contemporary, and affordable education and practice of Ayurveda and Yoga for self-transformation.

There is a need on this planet, today more than ever, for people with clear intentions of healing. Ayurveda and Yoga is a science that invites you into the world of healing your problems, not just treating them.


  • Anyone who wants to learn about Ayurveda and Yoga and apply these principles for prevention and promotion of health at all levels of life.
  • People in health care industries want to integrate holistic approaches for the benefit of patients.
  • Healers, therapist, dieticians, beauticians, spiritual teachers, yoga teachers, shamans, hypnotists, chiropractors, energy healers, industries, and hoteliers who run health spas, among many others, can be benefited by integrating Ayurveda and Yoga knowledge.




The Ojav course has been designed in a scientific way: to understand complex concepts in a practical and easy way. The aim is to have a balanced combination of theory and experience to bring transformation to all levels of your life. As you walk through the course at your natural pace, you will discover the art and science of changing the small things in your daily routine without disrupting life. Eventually, the small changes lead to bigger transformation. Such transformation creates changemakers at the practical and ground level that can help others and lead the movement of change.


The course has been designed by Ojav, who completed a six-year degree course in Ayurveda from a prestigious college in India. As a spiritual seeker, he has had opportunities to learn the secrets of yoga and healing from the sages in the Indian Himalayas. He is also a qualified teacher of Yoga, with 1750 hours of training in the Ashram type of lifestyle and living. To find out more about Ojav, please click here.


Ojav’s grandfather was an eminent Ayurveda doctor in the 1970s. He is following the lineage and blessings of his ancestors.


As our primary motive is to spread awareness and teachings of these ancient healing sciences around the globe, we want to build a family and community of passionate people who want to become change-makers. These people will change the planet in a positive way and help others to find the real meaning and experience of health. The moment you join the Ojav course, you will join a family where ongoing support in continuous learning will be the core feature of the program.


The Law of Karma states that what you offer to others always comes back to you in many folds. Part of the course fee will go to help and treat patients affected by poverty, the education of children, or by making donations to volunteer organizations working for the upliftment of society.


From time to time, we offer scholarships to students in need. This can include course discounts or even free education for full courses.


As a surprise, some students may be fully refunded for their course or receive a gift basket when the program reaches a certain number of participants.

Some students may be chosen for a scholarship for the next level of the program. Some may also get a free voucher for up to a 1-week retreat in India (all-inclusive, except airfare).


The schedule of the course has been designed in such a way that you can easily join the course on weekends. You can choose Saturday or Sunday for the live presentation, which lasts around 90 minutes. The theory and practical sections of the course are both covered during live sessions to make learning more interactive and interesting.

The reading material for self-assessment, home assignments, and practices will be sent to each participant.

The topic for module 3 of the Ayurveda Yoga and Meditation course includes:

Spiritual healing anatomy-Chakras and Nadis

As a human being, we are not just a body. The body is a channel of consciousness and this energy of consciousness is having a specific pathway. The Nadis and Chakra system represent this pathway. This session is dedicated to understanding the science of this anatomy of the energy body and how to create balance and healing by adopting certain tools.

The science of healing with Sound and Mantra

Mantras have great healing power. Some special Mantra and Sound when chanted in a specific way one can experience the effect immediately. We will chant and learn together some special Sounds and Mantra together.

The essentials of immunity – Pranas, Tejas and Ojus

Ayurveda has two motive the first is how to promote health and the second one how to cure if someone is diseased. Promotion of health improves immunity and improved immunity is the basis of healthy living. Pranas, Tejas and Ojus is the concept mentioned in classical literature, improved and proper functioning of these elements is the essential key to experiencing life in a healthy and harmonious way.in this session, we will see how we can bring this harmony with different types of therapies.

Ayurveda perspective of aromatherapy- the smell of healing

The effect of Aroma is so quick that one can feel the dramatic change of the pulse in no time. The combination of Aromatherapy and Ayurvedic principles may work in healing process in a scientific way. In this session, we will see how different herbal aroma impact specific Doshas. We will see the impact of Aroma on various diseases.

Ahar Nidra Brhamcharya-The three sub pillars of Ayurveda-diet sleep and sexual regimen

Here we will understand a bit more about three sub pillars without which it is impossible to gain perfect health. Excess or lack of this constituent of life is the reason for disease. We will explore in details how to bring harmony in these three sub pillars of life.

Understanding the disease process-six stages of the disease

Ayurvedic science describes any chronic disease has certain alarming signs. One must be aware of these alarming signs to stop the disease before it completely manifest. We will see how different Dosha manifest itself in various stages to understand the pathology and involvement of different factors.


The participant will have sound knowledge of the foundation of Ayurveda and practically can help himself, family, friends or community to find out their true nature and adopt certain tools of Ayurveda yoga and meditation to promote the health and prevention of disease. This is an ideal course who wants to feel a radical transformation in order to experience the true essence of life.

Module 3 will impart you an understanding of subtle healing as well as the disease process to identify the problem from the very root and to work on balancing. Here the concept of immunity will be discussed to promote health.


A certificate of completion will be provided to every participant after successfully completing all sessions.