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Spiritual Ayurveda Immersion Retreat @ 100 EURO per Day

Spiritual Ayurveda

Welcome to your Spirituality Immersion Yoga Retreat amidst the powerful Himalayan mountains and holy Ganges river of Rishikesh, India! Immerse yourself in a 7 day spiritual pilgrimage, set amidst the powerful peaks of the Himalayan Mountains.

10 Days Yoga Meditation & Spiritual Course @ 1000 EURO

Ayurveda Yoga Meditation & Spiritual Course

The VARDAN Ayurveda & Yoga Teacher Training Course is a to have the tools to find your true self.it is not a vacation it’s a learning where you can find the deeper meaning of your life. It’s a dynamic relaxation which will release your ego self-doubt anger …

7 Days Ayurveda Life Style Consultant Course @ 600 EURO

Ayurveda Life Style Consultant Course

This course is to make you competent enough to provide consultation to your friends family clients patients or community. You will get the deeper knowledge about doshas and how we can practically use these qualities to diagnose and establish …

7 Days Ayurveda And Herbology Course @ 600 EURO

Ayurveda And Herbology Course

Ayurvedic herbs are natural and easily assimilated and can bring the balance in the system easily generally without any side effect the rejuvenating and detoxifying herbs mentioned in classical texts thousands years back now has been proven …

7 Days Ayurvedic Nutrition And Cooking Course @ 600 EURO

Ayurvedic Nutrition And Cooking Course

In Ayurveda the nutrition is based on several factors like six taste, potency, combinations, processing, etc. this course is to understand the deeper understanding of the quality of food as well as we are going to learn how to cook delicious and healthy food with gratitude and love…

7 Days Ayurveda And Yoga Retreat Course @ 600 EURO

Ayurveda And Yoga Course

Ayurveda and yoga are like sister sciences if we use both of these sciences together with more awareness and intelligence just few simple yogic practices are good enough to promote health and wellbeing. This course is to provide you in depth knowledge of how choosing the yogic practices.

7 Days Kundalini And Chakra Healing Course @ 600 EURO

Kundalini Yoga Course

This course is to understand the kundalini and chakras and their impact on human physiology and psychology learn about how these subtle bodies are connected to chakras and how some ancient yogic practices and kriyas can help you to explore the hidden potential of a human being physically …

Panchkarma & Ayurvedic Herbal Treatments Start from 100 EURO

Panchkarma Treatments

Consultation is provided by an experienced ayurveda doctor who determines your prakruti (body type) diet chart, practices, herbal medicine and therapies related guidance is provided. According to ancient science of healing ayurveda imbalance of dosha (vata, pitta, kapha) …

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